Welcome to the Fredericton Roller Hockey League

The FRHL has been Fredericton’s source for roller hockey for decades. Roller hockey is played 4 on 4 and is a high scoring game that’s fun for all (ages 17 and up)  and a variety of skill levels. The FRHL hosts a draft before each season, which ensures balanced teams, but also enables everyone in the league to get to know each other. This creates a friendly environment that’s the perfect balance between competitive and fun.

our mission:

As a reminder of our zero-tolerance policy, we at FRHL aim to grow a fun sport filled with positivity, inclusion and team participation. We closely monitor all games, focusing on our mission.

No abuse, dangerous words, or unsportsmanlike conduct will be permitted, and it will be up to the FRHL management team to discipline according to this policy at its discretion.

With this, we hope seasoned and new players can find joy at FRHL.

If you are interested in trying roller hockey please email askfrhl@gmail.com